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DOS type boot disks - good links inside

In case you ever have trouble booting or need another option for DOS here is a damn good site for help:

In the site is a link to another which is what finally helped me get past an on-going network problem I've been having:

Why ?

My laptop hard drive is acting flaky so I wanted to make an image if I should ever need to rebuild it with every setting etc. You can save data with regular backup programs, but you have to reinstall everything, update, do all configurations etc. A disk image will let me flash an entire hard drive so when it is done, I just reboot and my system is back (minus any data after the initial backup, of course).

Symantic's Norton Ghost is a utility to do this. It has a lot of features for networking, peer-to-peer (ethernet, usb, lpt, etc.) You can check it out at

It has a fairly simple interface ---- if you have supported hardware. Even if not, if it is modern you should be okay with some manual reading and tweaking other supplied drivers to match what you need.

My problem was the old problem dealing with a cardbus network card on a laptop. Generally if a driver is supplied (mine is) it works but DOS, being archaic, documentation on configuration leaves lots to be desired. So, I had problems getting it working. I even went out to get a USB link cable (Best Buy's a rip off 3x as much as what I eventualy got one for) whic would have been cool but no drivers worked and non supplied for DOS mode on the server hehe. Laptop worked swell but oh well.

Eventually I remembered that web site and used Bart's util. I did have to copy the enabler progs (so system is aware of cardbus), write a few couple line config files and viola it works (I did select NetBui instead of TCP because of DOS mode packet loss dealing with Win2K TCP macking TCP connects slow). I also made another disk to load up Ghost, itself.

Now that I went through all that I could probably make a single disk. Sucks though is that straight forward disks did not work. I'm pretty sure now it was file loading sequencing. Means squat to some - just translate it into a big headache with shit not working as expected ;p

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Isn't it amazing how quickly we forget how to hack autoexec.bat and config.sys?

One of my most prized possessions when it comes to tech manuals is the manual that came with a Microsoft DOS 5.0 package. The thing is 3/4" thick and comes in damn handy whenever I have to re-learn DOS. It's also a nice nostalgic reminder of the days when Microsoft was more geeky than greedy.

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