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Vanguard FAQ updated

Updated FAQ Stuff

I realize most people gloss over my posts since there's no content, just me ranting usually, and this is no exception. The stuff in this FAQ update, has no place in a FAQ, because it'ss inane, pointless, and several other adjectives that mean useless. But since, Vanguard = God, they must know what they're talking about, so here presented is a portion of MEKOSQ's Life FAQ.

1.1 I've heard that MEKOSQ has a number of 'tenents' related to life...could you share a few.

Here are a few in no particular order:

1. Don't eat paint.

(Most paint is toxic and while it can cause neat euphoria it will likely end badly.)

2. Money = Good

(Money can be exchanged for goods and service, so try and get more. Some hippies will disagree with this tenent, but take one whiff of them and you will come over to my side.)

3. When driving, avoid hitting pedestrians.

(Hitting pedestrians can cause unbearable amounts of paperwork so generally try to avoid doing it. There are of course exceptions, like old people.)

4. The path of least resistence is easier.

(By definition)

5. Pornography generally has naked people in it.

(It's quite a leap I realize to make this claim, but if you do your own EXTENSIVE research in the subject as I have, you'll find out I'm right.)

6. Cows and horses are not actually "Giant Dogs"

(This one confounded me for the longest time. I was raised to call them "Giant Dogs" and you should have heard my friends laugh the first time I was outside of my family and said that)
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