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Ming 05-01-2006 10:28 AM

Vanguard inside look from Gamespot

meh.. sounds a lot like EQ2.

Another one:

yay corpse runs are back. :( Sure they were fun when I had 16 hours a day to live in a gameworld.

It looks like a pretty cool game overall, though. Maybe we can get a VS thing going when it releases. No, for reals this time, unlike every other game we've ever tried to make a guild in. OG!@

Musashi 05-01-2006 06:53 PM

ya the corpse runs sound fun and make me think of the good ole days of EQ1 but who has that time?

I may try it out but right now the Fast XP gain of EQ2 and the quick raids, groups and solo stuff is what fits my time schedule best ATM

Slyde 05-01-2006 07:19 PM

The Vision(TM) Part II. I've heard through the grapevine beta-testers say the game is as fun as watching paint dry...

Ming 05-02-2006 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by Slyde
The Vision(TM) Part II. I've heard through the grapevine beta-testers say the game is as fun as watching paint dry...

That's seriously good to know. I haven't been to the forums over there in ages I may take a looksee at what I can read between the lines.

Musashi 05-02-2006 06:40 PM

There are a few people in the beta from a guild I know... some like it.. some are not sure about it..

Ming 06-19-2006 05:02 PM

doesnt look good. Ripped this from the Vangard forum

Hmm if this NDA breakage is anything to go by i would`nt hold your breath..Beta leak June 2006...

I’m on a 7800 GTX, 3.7 AMD 64 bit with 2 gigs of ram - the game runs consistently at under 20fps. I don’t mind that, it’s in beta and I’m sure it’ll be optimized, but a prerequisite for me not minding about ****ty frame rate is if the game has jaw dropping visuals, it doesn’t.

The characters are ugly, they’re not especially detailed, totally bland with terrible hair - these characters are sub par to Galaxies, and in fairness Galaxies had a better customization system.

The environment is bland, the tree’s jut out awkwardly from the landscape, none of it really blends together, sure it’s big but there’s nothing of any interest, and lets not mention the water. NPC’s, enemies, armor, weapons - there’s no imagination here […]

Having played this game I would definitely put my money on Microsft being able to see how big a stinker this game was and passed it on to SOE

They just recently sent out a survey to beta testers asking why they don’t play the game and what they should do to improve it and make it fun. 9 months into beta. They don’t know how to make their game enjoyable.

The truth is they have had no direction or concept beyond "make Everquest again" and not only did they fail in doing that, even if they manage to succeed through some divine miracle it will still suck because it’s a horrible idea to simply copy one of the first generation MMOs with gameplay that no one in their right mind enjoys anymore.

They touted it as a next generation MMORPG when it is a step backwards in every single aspect.

I think Vanguard is ****. I don’t want you thinking I am a whiner who hates difficult gameplay. The problem with Vanguard is that it tries to keep things like horrible travel times and unforgiving difficulty but DOESN’T keep the charm of Everquest.

The art style is horribly generic, so nothing feels special or interesting. When my Gnome Wizard in Everquest returned to Ak’Anon, it felt like home. There was a certain joy in meeting friends at Kelethin bank. When I played a dark elf, I loved looking at the corpses of idiot ‘good guys’ that got wrecked by Dragoons. Similarly, I loved the danger of trying to sneak through Guk, or finally taking down some great evil like Venril Sathir or Trakanon. I felt GOOD about these things. […]

Vanguard has no such feeling. Locations serve only as a place to click on people for quests, or click on people to kill. There’s no feeling of accomplishment, just annoyance. Nothing has any personality. The gameplay is nothing special, so it isn’t even fun. I can’t go into specifics for the same reason that others can’t, but I can say that I see no reason to play Vanguard. I’d love for a game to capture the feeling of Pre-Luclin Everquest, but Vanguard is not it.

Vanguard doesn’t have the art style or the humor of WoW. It’s not nearly as optimized (which is fair since Vanguard is in beta), and while it’s much harder, it somehow manages to be less rewarding. WoW may be very close to instant gratification, but sometimes it seems like Vanguard has zero gratification. […]

It’s not the fun kind of difficult, its the tedious and irritating kind of difficult. […]

With no personality, no enjoyment, and seemingly no fanbase, this isn’t EQ. This is just a bad game.

It doesn’t attempt anything new, infact it disregards any and every improvement made to the genre since original EQ. It runs like pure **** on every computer, and it’s a mystery why, because it’s ugly, bland and unimaginative. It’s like someone gave a bunch of retards the ability to bump map high resolution textures and let them have at the world.

The models are ridiculously bad. You’d think since they recycled 1 model for every single race in the entire game that 1 model would atleast be decent, it’s not.

This game has no direction whatsoever, if someone told me the developers had been locked away in a basement somewhere since the release of EQ I would believe it. These people simply don’t have it in them to make an entertaining, current mmorpg.

If you pine for the days of sitting with a group killing things over and over in some random, barren location, and wish not only that you could revisit your days of killing wildlife in the karanas, but do it with sub 15 fps, then Vanguard is the game for you.

I really can’t go into depth beyond that because this game is that vapid, it has absolutely no depth to it. I can’t tell you gameplay element x doesn’t work nearly as well in this game it does in WoW, because this game doesn’t have it. It has running around killing things and it has sitting around complaining about how ****ty it is.

the most generic korean mmo has more going for it than Vanguard. I can’t think of anything else to say beyond that.

Combat is just reaction not planning. As a melee tank most of my time in combat is spent waiting for certain icons and refresh timers to pop up so I can hit a skill. My skills just seem to do a little more dmg and nothing else. I’ve yet to see the big deal about all the talk of targeting a certain part of an enemy(like an arm or leg) to take advantage of a weakness. […]

The story arc of the main starting town is help protect the world from the undead forces behind a wall. The wall is about 80 feet long and has less then 10 guards. Your main contribution to this effort is to bring them a sack of food. In 3 quest, including one that just tells you to run up the road alittle further, you cover this whole story arc. The other starting town I tried doesn’t seem to have any type of story. […]

Most dungeons just have one path through them and no good camp spots. Mobs respawn so fast that you just have to burn through the place as fast as you can. Get 3 groups in a dungeon and it becomes over crowded.

CR’s still suck. If I want to spend an extra hour of my time playing a game its not to recover my body from a dungeon with a super fast respawn rate.

Character creation involves stretching your character out like putty to make it taller or larger. It lookes horrible. […]

I can’t say strongly enough though that this game just feels wrong and that the design philosphy just seems to be out of touch. Its like something I should have tried in 2000 not 2006. Besides rethinking the whole game I don’t see how they can save it. After putting a week into when I first got into beta and then a few more when the fileplanet relaese hit I just can’t get myself to log on. It just makes me sad after all the hopes I had for this game.

There’s alot of **** in the game that makes no sense, specifically the complete lack of direction at low levels, the terribly bugged animations and…god, lots else. The most amazing thing is the game somehow manages to be so complicated and so mind numbingly simple at the same time. I have 6 buttons to push in a fight, and combined theres something like 30 different effects I can push out as a ranger. Holy ****, that is the most pointless **** I’ve ever seen, and I don’t even want to go into it. […]

With that said, I STILL have faith in the game for some reason. If made concise the combat system has the potential to be pretty fun, and the non cookie cutter dungeons are pretty good. Of course there’s something like 3? non CC dungeons.

Musashi 06-25-2006 06:50 PM

He brought alot of things we have been discussing on the CLAW boards. Who has an extra hour or 2 for CR? Who wants to spend an hour looking for agroup then an hour traveling to said group to only have an hour left to group...

For right now I will stick with EQ2!

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